ENLIGHTENMENT: Leather Collection FW 2019

Knowledge, freedom and happiness – these were the core ideas of the Age of Enlightenment in the early 18th century. Individuals wanted to free themselves from traditional, rigid and outdated ideas and turn towards progress. This was also associated with a clear demarcation and turning away from the backward and dark Middle Ages. In the Fall/Winter 2019 collection “Enlightenment”, AIGNER plays with these aspects: from simple and narrow silhouettes to opulent, contrasting and detailed designs. The theme is interpreted in a fascinating mix of clean and cool shapes on the one hand, with rich details, decorations and surfaces on the other.

One of the main signatures of the collection, the ‘pansy‘ runs through the collection as a romantic element in different interpretations on different designs. The ‘tartan check‘ in the two colourways ‘Dark Mauve’ and ‘Deep Blue’ is another important winter element, as is the ‘horse’s head‘ inspired by AIGNER’s racing history. Already seen in previous seasons, the ‘screw stud‘ derived from the archive has become established and developed into a characteristic element of the collections.

Special accents are added by metallic finishes: either by a clean mirrored effect in metallic gold, silver or in colour, or as an iridescent effect in light pink or dark green/blue. The core colours of the collection, such as ‘Night Grey’, ‘Dark Mauve’, ‘Bison Brown’, ‘Shadow Grey’ and ‘Light Mauve’, are deliberately subtle and muted – they radiate refinement and class and give the prints, details and effects their space to stand out.