GEOX “Family is where Love begins” Campaign

To praise the unconditional love among family members


Family means something different to each of us, but the unconditional love is the foundation of each family. Italian shoe brand GEOX is honored to invite celebrity model Cara Grogan, her husband Jesper Mcilroy and daughters India and Freija to shoot a digital campaign entitled “Family is where Love begins”, an inspiring celebration of togetherness and unity. Coinciding with National Son’s and Daughter’s Day 2020 on 11 August 2020, the brand launches series of videos presenting the love between their family by showcasing the little moments of their daily life, while featuring some GEOX summer essentials.

The campaign has total three videos, recording different forms of love in a family. The first one is about the love between father and daughter. The second video is about sisterhood, and the third one is about the whole family and the love for pets. To those families with pets, pets are not just animals, but also inseparable family members.

Through the in-depth emotional family relationships of this digital campaign, GEOX hopes to establish a more personal emotional connection with their consumers. During this difficult time, GEOX hopes that this campaign can encourage people to build a more open and supportive relationship with their family and treasure the time you spent together. The positive and powerful love between family members is what people need the most right now.

GEOX appeals to all consumer groups, identifying as a family brand. It is synonymous with a love of comfort and health and these two important objectives are guaranteed and honoured by the Group in every product and project. Gifting GEOX to family can express our love and concern for them by providing them comfortable and reliable protection.